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CAT 10
( CAT10-000-000 )

Ship category:Motor pleasure yachts
Name of class:CAT 10

Project's details:

Project number:CAT10-000-000
Project name:Machinery and ship service system plans

Applied rules/registers:

Technical Directives for Inland Small Crafts and Boats 
KöViM Rules for Design, Construction and Conformance of Pleasure Boats 
Nautical Regulations 

Main features:

Length overall, Lbef [m]9,95
Maximum length, Lmax1 [m]9,95
Maximum length of hull, Lmax2 [m]9,95
Waterline length, Lwl [m]9,8
Maximum breadth with fender rail, Bmax [m]4,1
Breadth of hull, b [m]4
Waterline breadth, Bwl [m]3,8
Depth, D [m]1,01
Freeboard, f [m]0,6
Airdraft from baseline, Hfix [m]3,7
Lightship, delta0 [t]5
Deadweigth, deltamax [t]6
Mean draugth without speed [m]0,4
Inbuilt engine power rating, N [hp]1x144
Service speed, v [km/h]28
Crew, n11
Maximum passenger capacity, n2 [fő]11
Maximum load [kg]1000
Type of main engine1 Mercedes
Character of main engine6 cylinder TDI
Cylinder capacity [ccm]1x3000
Continuous service raing [LE]1x144

Ship engineer tasks:

Technical desription 
General arrangement, general structure design 
Machinery arrangement 
Electric system 
Rudder and hydraulic systems 
Heating and airconditioning systems 
Arrangement of compartments 
Hull and deck arrangement 
Hull design 
Calculation of hydrostatics 
Weigth and stability calculation 
Subdivision and damage stability calculations 
Ship strength calculation 
Propulsion calculation 
Engine fitting design 
Arrangements of equipments and lifesaving means 
Navigation equipments 
Drinking water, blackwater and sewage systems 
Passenger arrangement 
Power consumption 
Hull forming and curvature analysis 
Machinery equipments