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Merchant loading port
( AD-000-000 )

Port name:Adony Openwater Quay
Type of purpose:Merchant loading port

Project's details:

Project number:AD-000-000
Project name:Strength analysis of the port piles and the structure of their parts, constructional documentation

Main features:

Length overall, Lbef [m]94
Ponton/ship breadth, B [m]5,45
Capacity of port, number of ships, n [db]1
Main dimensions of ships, L [m]110
Main dimensions of ships, B [m]11
Main dimensions of ships, Tmax [m]2,5
Maximal allowable displacement, delta [t/egység]3200
Boarding bridge parameters, effective width [m]0,9
Boarding bridge parameters, span of bridge [m]12
Boarding bridge parameters, design load [kN/m2]5
Minimal operating waterlevel LÜVmin [mBf]91,66
Maximal operating waterlevel LÜVmax [mBf]97,04
Maximal emergency waterlevel MÁSZ [mBf]99,83

Ship engineer tasks:

Technical description 
General arranegment, general structure design 
Layout arrangement 
General structural design 
Strength analysis 
Operational guide 
Constructional documentation and instructions