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( RAC-010-000 )

Port name:Port of Rácalmás for Small Crafts

Project's details:

Project number:RAC-010-000
Project name:Technical description and constructional documentation of the port for small crafts at Rácalmás

Applied rules/registers:

Nautical Regulations 
EUROCODE 1 Traffic loads of bridges 
EUROCODE 1 Foundamentals of design 
Inland ships an d floating landing stages 
Belvízi hajók, úszó kikötőhelyek, követelmények, vizsgálatok (MSZ EN 14504) 

Main features:

Length overall, Lbef [m]60
Maximum length, Lmax1 [m]60
Maximum length of ship/pontoon structure, Lmax2 [m]60
Waterline length, Lcw1 [m]60
Maximum length of the modules together, Bmax fm]6
Ponton/ship breadth, B [m]3
Waterline breadth, Bcw [m]5.8
Depth, D [m]0.915
Airdraft from baseline, Hfix [m]1,125
Lightship, delta0 [t]20
Maximum displacement, deltamax [t]29.6
Maximal number of crew, n1 [fő]1
Maximum load [t]9.6
Maximal passeger capacity, n [fő]80
Maximal allowable displacement, delta [t/egység]2,4
Boarding bridge parameters, effective width [m]1.5
Boarding bridge parameters, span of bridge [m]15
Boarding bridge parameters, design load [kN/m2]5
Layout length LTK [m]60
Layout distance from the edge of the shore BTK [m]19,5
Shallow depth TG [m]0,235
Maximal arrival speed of ships vmax [km/h]3
Maximal arrival angle of ships [fok]30
Mean draugth Tk [m]0.3

Ship engineer tasks:

Technical description 
General arranegment, general structure design 
Strength analysis 
Constructional documentation and instructions