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Madeira, Madeira Electro
( SMA612-000-000 )

Ship category:Motor pleasure yachts
Name of class:Madeira, Madeira Electro
Construction:Glass Reinforced Plastic

Project's details:

Project number:SMA612-000-000
Project name:Analysis of a leasure motor craft according to "A" module of "KöViM" regulation
Project description:Strength, maximum allowable engine power rating calculation, buoyancy and stability check for a watercraft according to "A" module of "KöViM" 2/2000. (VII.26.)

Applied rules/registers:

KöViM Rules for Design, Construction and Conformance of Pleasure Boats 
Technical supervisory regulations for inland ships 

Main features:

Length overall, Lbef [m]6,6
Maximum length, Lmax1 [m]6,12
Maximum length of hull, Lmax2 [m]6,116
Waterline length, Lwl [m]5,252
Maximum breadth with fender rail, Bmax [m]2,32
Breadth of hull, b [m]2,208
Waterline breadth, Bwl [m]1,916
Depth, D [m]1,03
Freeboard, f [m]0,592
Airdraft from baseline, Hfix [m]1,83
Lightship, delta0 [t]0,91
Deadweigth, deltamax [t]1,385
Maximum hull draugth, Th [m]0,312
Maximum allowable engine power rating, N [hp]115 (Internal combustion outboard engine)
Service speed, v [km/h]16 (Electric outboard engine) /45 (Internal combustion outboard engine)
Crew, n11
Maximum passenger capacity, n2 [fő]5
Maximum load [kg]450
CE classification of design categoryC
Type of main engine1 Mercury Marine F 115, vagy 1 Yamaha F 100 D
Continuous service raing [LE]115, 100

Ship engineer tasks:

Technical desription 
Calculation of hydrostatics 
Weigth and stability calculation 
Buoyancy and stability check 
Ship strength calculation 
Passenger arrangement 
Power consumption 
Laminating plan