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Ship category:Passenger tall ships
Name of class:EQUATOR CAT 66
Construction:Ship made of epoxy-impregnated E-glass sandwich, used Core Cell impact-resistant core material with vacuum infusion method

Project's details:

Applied rules/registers:

Calculations according to DNV (Det Norske Veritas) 
High Speed Craft Code 2000 
Calculations according to ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) 

Ship engineer tasks:

Technical desription 
General arrangement, general structure design 
Machinery arrangement 
Electric system 
Rudder and hydraulic systems 
Heating and airconditioning systems 
General arrangement and sail plan 
Arrangement of compartments 
Hull and deck arrangement 
Hull design 
Calculation of hydrostatics 
Weigth and stability calculation 
Buoyancy and stability check 
Ship strength calculation 
Sail design and calculation 
Mast design 
Preliminary resistance and propulsion calculation 
Construction documentation 
Calculation of hull plating 
Stiffening and calculation of framing 
Machinery equipments