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( EQ45FA_000_000 )

Ship category:Sailing pleasure yachts
Name of class:EQ45FA
Construction:Red cedar strip planking

Project's details:

Project number:EQ45FA_000_000
Project name:Concept desing of a 45' performance wood sailing craft

Applied rules/registers:

Calculations according to GL 

Main features:

Length overall, Lbef [m]13,716
Maximum length, Lmax1 [m]13,716
Maximum length of hull, Lmax2 [m]13,716
Waterline length, Lwl [m]13,716
Maximum breadth with fender rail, Bmax [m]4,5
Breadth of hull, b [m]4,4
Waterline breadth, Bwl [m]3,46
Depth, D [m]1,4
Freeboard, f [m]1,289
Airdraft from baseline, Hfix [m]21,223
Lightship, delta0 [t]9,4
Deadweigth, deltamax [t]10,768
Draugth with propulsory equipment, centerboard and keel, Tk [m]2,6
Maximum hull draugth, Th [m]0,575
Maximum draugth, T [m]2,6
Maximum motor power rating, N [kw]1x80
Maximum speed, vmax [kts]11,5
Crew, n11
Maximum passenger capacity, n2 [fő]10
CE classification of design categoryA
Type of sailBermudan Ketch
Main mast, P [m]17,815
Main mast, l [m]19,045
Main mast, E [m]6,6
Main mast, J [m]5,03
Main mast, AM [m2]59
Main mast, AF [m2]48
Mizzen mast, P [m]-
Mizzen mast, E [m]-
Mizzen mast, l [m]-
Mizzen mast [m2]15,68
Keel depth [m]2
Weigth of bulb [t]4,2

Ship engineer tasks:

General arrangement, general structure design 
General arrangement and sail plan 
Arrangement of compartments 
Sections of compartments 
Hull and deck arrangement 
Main dimension of compartments 
Hull design 
Calculation of hydrostatics 
Buoyancy and stability check 
Preliminary resistance and propulsion calculation