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Ship name:Glaukosz
Ship category:Sailing pleasure yachts
Name of class:FPC 30 TS

Project's details:

Project name:Strength calculation of rigging for a FPC 30 TS class sailing craft
Project description:Aerodynamic calculation of sails and rigging (Hazen's model) and mast calculation according to NBS register.

Applied rules/registers:

Calculations according to NBS (Nordic Boat Standards) 

Main features:

Length overall, Lbef [m]9,15
Maximum length, Lmax1 [m]9,15
Maximum breadth with fender rail, Bmax [m]2.95
Lightship, delta0 [t]2,5
Maximum passenger capacity, n2 [fő]6 (with crew)
Type of sailSloop
Main mast, P [m]10.7
Main mast, l [m]9.735
Main mast, E [m]3.5
Main mast, J [m]3.177
Main mast, AM [m2]18,5
Main mast, AF [m2]15,4
Weigth of bulb [t]1
Main mast AN [m2]33.9
Main mast EHM [m]11.766

Ship engineer tasks:

Sail design and calculation 
Mast design 
Mast calculation