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Ship category:Sailing pleasure yachts
Construction:Glass reinforced plastic sandwich hull and deck built of cedar strip planking without moulding tool with core cells

Project's details:

Project name:Design of a 60' leasure craft with sandwich construction
Project description:Design of a 60' luxury sailing yacht with sandwich construction.

Main features:

Maximum length, Lmax1 [m]18.2
Maximum length of hull, Lmax2 [m]16.15
Maximum breadth with fender rail, Bmax [m]5.7
Freeboard, f [m]1.4
Lightship, delta0 [t]22.409
Inbuilt engine power rating, N [kW]92,4
Service speed, v [km/h]18,5
Maximum service speed, vmax [km/h]22,2
Service speed with machinery, v [kts]18,5
Maximum passenger capacity, n2 [fő]20
Weigth of bulb [t]6.7

Ship engineer tasks:

General arrangement, general structure design 
General arrangement and sail plan 
Hull design 
Calculation of hydrostatics 
Ship strength calculation