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Equator 44
( EQ44-000-000 )

Ship name:Szélanyó
Ship category:Sailing pleasure yachts
Name of class:Equator 44

Project's details:

Project number:EQ44-000-000
Project name:Keel design
Project description:Keel design.

Main features:

Maximum length, Lmax1 [m]13.66
Waterline length, Lwl [m]10.7
Breadth of hull, b [m]4.2
Waterline breadth, Bwl [m]3.85
Lightship, delta0 [t]10.81
Main mast, P [m]14,05
Main mast, l [m]15,15
Main mast, E [m]4,525
Main mast, J [m]5,15
Main mast AN [m2]71,4

Ship engineer tasks:

Calculation of hydrostatics 
Inclining experiment summary 
Weigth and stability calculation 
Ship strength calculation 
Keel design 
Analysis of keel position 
Construction documentation